In 2008, Josh made a classified post to a website for musicians. He was making one last effort to find a quality band to join in southeast Wisconsin. He was contacted by someone who was making one last effort to find a quality singer to join his band. The two agreed to meet. What was supposed to be a 30 minute audition turned into a two hour jam session. Josh had found his band, and the band had found its singer. But this band had no name, no gigs, and no plan. Josh took over booking right away, reaching out to venues in southeast Wisconsin, trying to convince bar owners that this group had something special. At its first performance, the band (which performed with no official name) drew close to 100 people. Two months later, Josh was at Irish Fest in Milwaukee and saw a marquee that said "Cold Beer - Cheap Shots." Josh immediately texted the band. "What about THE CHEAP SHOTS?" It stuck
 Before the coronavirus pandemic wiped our 95% of our 2020 summer performances, in 2019, The Cheap Shots played 44 total shows. More than half were festivals including Summerfest and the Wisconsin State Fair, and we are now one of southeast Wisconsin's most requested cover bands. We are honored to have sponsorship through two local business hallmarks - Great Lakes Distillery and Milwaukee Brewing Company. We pride ourselves on outstanding vocals and musicianship,  one of the most wide-ranging set lists, wireless instruments to directly interact with audiences, professional sound and lighting production from True Show Productions to help create a real rock concert experience, and properly- priced compared to other major bands in the market.
We do not take ourselves seriously, but we take the business of entertainment very seriously.
We know how to throw a party and put on a show.
And we never bring anything less than our absolute best.

We've come a long way, and have a long way yet to go.
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Josh   Aaron   Ryan   Eric