AARON - Guitar/Backing Vocals
"Best Guitarist" (Shepherd Express)
2016 Finalist
2017 Finalist
2018 Finalist
2019 Finalist
Aaron has been playing in bands for the last 20 years.  He grew up playing in a variety band with his dad called “Back Trax”.  Aaron's played in some hard rock bands, focusing on both originals & covers, Core, Primal Shine, and a Motley Crue Tribute Band in Cleveland called “Looks That Kill”. Since moving to Milwaukee, he's played with Double Cross, Kramzurk, and now on his second tour of duty with The Cheap Shots though he's been involved since 2009.
Aaron's favorite guitarists are Zakk Wylde and Brad Paisley.  He always seems to find the most inspiration by guitarists he's played with, especially those in his dad’s band while growing up. Although they’re not famous to the rest of the world, he probably wouldn't have picked up or continued playing guitar without them. These include: Kenny “Weed” Buker, who made Aaron want to play guitar and be Randy Rhoads (confession: he used to record him playing guitar when Aaron was 11 and tell his friends it was him); Don “Slowhand 2” Kerper, who taught about playing with feeling and soul; and Mark “Holy Sh** How Did You Play That??” Bennett, who taught Aaron how to fit in those fine details that turn "average" into "amazing" (and also that it’s perfectly normal to have more than 20 guitars).
The guitars Aaron usually plays are a ’78 Gibson “The Paul”, a PRS Custom 22, and a Charvel San Dimas 2. He uses a variety of Line 6 effects that run through whichever tube amp Aaron brings, usually his Egnator Tweaker and JBL Cab. The endless quest for perfect tone seems to always bring Aaron back to that set-up.